Application for HKGE Members

Ensemble Training Basic Requirement

  • Possess any international recognized grade 5 classical guitar certificate or any equivalent standard
  • Play 2 pieces during interview (last about 15 min.)
  • Eligible for the current year membership after 3 months’ probation
  • Observe the Ensemble’s Membership Regulation
  • 2008 Seasonal Ensemble Training fee: HK$3,000 (with financial problems may apply to delay of payment/waive the training fee)
  • Guitar players without (1) noted qualification, may apply to be a subsidiary or observed member, training schedule and fee same as the qualified member except that they do not perform publicly unless they get through the inter assessment on their performance.

Interview Fees

Application for an interview to be membership of The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble or The Hong Kong Youth Guitar Ensemble, applicant has to submit application form with all necessary fillings and pay interview fees HK$500 for participation the Guitar Audition Interview Program (GAIP). For those successful applicants, a sum of HK$200 will be deducted when paying the first annual membership fees. The interview fees will not refundable for unsuccessful applicants.

Classic Guitar Players Great News

The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble has an ultimate initiation for the first time to enroll new members in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble was founded in 1987, we give several guitar concerts each year, aim to upgrade our musicianship, appreciation and performance skills. We are said to be ‘indulge in self-admiration’ as newcomers only recommended through our member in-between during the past years. To line up with the rapid progress of globalization and unitization of the music performance worldwide, we want to train as many guitarists as possible; to advance our pace of development comprehensively and make our dreams come true.

Any classic guitar player interests in participating one year guitar ensemble training and performs publicly, please fill in the form attached and mail back to us for personal interview. We will phone you and confirm later.

To have a better understanding of our ambitious and goal, do come and have a splendid wonderful evening with us in our coming concert on 11-12-2005 at Studio Theatre, Cultural Centre, TST before whether you decide to join our coming new seasonal training. For further details or any queries raised regarding the above noted matter, please visit our website, e-mail or phone to us without hesitation.

Please download the application form below

Completed application forms and supporting documents should be submitted either by post
The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble, Unit B, 4/F., King Wong Bldg., 104-106 Prince Edward Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong
or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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