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Come-Together Guitar Concert
特別編寫不同的樂曲,為了讓團員更有興趣練習及快樂地成長,達到設計各小組的目的。而這些樂曲都是大家耳熟能詳的古典樂章,有電影主題曲、動漫和卡通音樂等,悅耳動聽。請盡早購票來支持我們,讓大家一同渡過一個開心、愉快的晚上。 Specifically arrange different genre of music, let our members practise happily and have fun, to achieve the goal of small group. Those genre of music is classic music, easily to listen and lovely, ranges from Movie Themes, Anime Music & Cartoon Music etc.. Please support us to buy the tickets as early as possible, enjoy pleasant musical night with us.

The Hong Kong Guitar Symphony Orchestra in Concert
跟上世界當前的古典音樂潮流,我們通過古典的音樂風格演奏著名的動漫,電影和迪士尼音樂等。為紀念佐治米高,我們將演奏他最出名的歌曲,如“無心的耳語”和“上一個聖誕節” Keeping up with the world current classic music tide, we play famous anime, movie and Disney music etc. by classic style of music.. To memorial of George Michael, we will play his best known for hit songs like ‘Careless Whisper’ and ‘Last Christmas’keeping up with the world current classic tide, we play famous anime, movie and disney music etc. by classic style of music.

A Night of Guitar Concerto
彈奏協奏曲都是每個學習樂器的人夢寐以求的事。 “結他拹奏曲之夜″讓勤力學習、練習和有些微天份的音樂愛好者來實踐理想:讓他們能早日接觸和練習表演協奏,伴隨着他們成長和達至完美境界。是夜曲目包括由古典、流行、電影以至動漫音樂,包羅萬有,共冶一爐。凡動聽的樂曲都是以古典編曲手法從而呈現它們藝術性的一面。 Playing concerto is one the life goal for every classical instrument players. Music lovers – like constantly practicing and playing music, even with the least talents, this is the chance for them to have their music journey dreams come true and touch the perfection. Programme ranges from famous classic, pop, movie to Anime music etc., all will displaying the Art of Music by using the classical arrangement of scores.

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