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HKYGE Introduction

by hkggor

The Hong Kong Youth Guitar Ensemble since 1996

The Hong Kong Youth Guitar Ensemble (HKYGE) was established in 1996. We have around 50 students from different backgrounds. It is a non-profit charity educational group which dedicated to coaching and nurturing the youngster of our next generation.

In the past sixteen years and up to now, HKYGE provides numerous diversified platforms and in-depth music-learning opportunities for our members. It gives educational demonstrations and concert tours to different major concert halls, cultural center, children’s library, primary and secondary schools. In the years of 2010 to 2012, we successfully cooperated with secondary schools from Singapore. We started both the student music exchange program and practical performance training. The same projects will be held in the coming years. Some elites of the international guitarists, as well as tireless scholars and teachers from Brazil, Finland, Iceland and Sweden have visited us and gave lessons to some of our members. Resulting from that, our members gain invaluable experiences and perspectives, as well as the improvement of their musicianship and performing skill.

HKYGE supports and involves in many music charity functions organized by different groups, such as the “Lifeline Express”; “Radio Television Hong Kong” (RTHK); “Television Broadcasts Limited” (TVB); “China Light and Power Company” and “St. Louis Center”… etc. These opportunities provide a pleasant environment of collaboration for our students. Through learning music, we assist them to develop the positive attitudes and values towards their life journey, and come to know their position and team spirit.

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