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Maestro John Kam Dip. Mus., BA (Hons), LTCL, FGA, DGA, GG


John Kam started playing guitar after his secondary education. He graduated from the Music Department of The Hong Kong Baptist University (major in Theory and Composition; Instruments: major in Cello and minor in Piano) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong respectively. He also obtained the LTCL qualification in guitar performance in Trinity College of Music, United Kingdom.

John always gives performance in Hong Kong and Macau respectively. He has appeared as soloist and played several guitar concertos with Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra. To bring up the young musicians, he formed The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble in 1987; The Hong Kong Youth Guitar Ensemble in 1996; both The Hong Kong Guitar Trio and The Hong Kong Guitar Quartet in 1998; The Hong Kong Guitar Quintet in 2002 and The Hong Kong Guitar Symphony Orchestra in 2014. Since 1993, after his first guitar recital in The Hong Kong Cultural Centre, John dedicates most of his time to music, a labour of love and hopes to promote classic music to the general public as to ‘Music is for sharing’; ‘Interest long life and long life interest’.

John’s students have won numerous awards in The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival competitions; The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations and The Trinity College’s examinations. He conducts master-class and appears as jury in various competitions and graduated examinations held by The Hong Kong Red Cross; The Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited; The Hong Kong Music Institute and The Hong Kong Institute of Education respectively. John devotes himself along with charity organizations to benefiting charities and people in need of help such as the ‘Lifeline Express’; offers ‘Industry Attachment places’ for the students and give help to the children for more than twenty families in Shamshuipo.

John is always busily engaged in arranging the courses and concerts for The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble. He also appears as the Guest Guitar Tutor (first instrument) in the Department of Creative Arts and Physical Education of The Hong Kong Institute of Education’. These years, he successfully co-operate and hold different music exchange programs, master classes and concerts with musicians all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and Vietnam.


In the past 20 years, fully dedicate to guitar teaching and promotion; found the Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble, The Hong Kong Youth Guitar Ensemble, Guitar Duet, The Hong Kong Guitar Trio, The Hong Kong Guitar Quartet and The Hong Kong Guitar Quintet. Although the progress is quite slow, most of the members can play on their own while the ensembles are gradually taking shape.

Kick-start promoting guitar solo concert in order to further foster the development of the classic guitar music, wishful thinking that would arouse more different kind of solo concerts appeared in Hong Kong, and ‘A cultural desert’ in Hong Kong is slowly fade out.

John Kam
09 Feb., 2006 in Centre

Public Reviews

 ‘playing are highly acclaimed and recommended.’ …   
… Macau Daily News

 ‘locally trained & cultivated guitarist …… an exceptionally imaginative player’ …   
… H.K.Economic Journal

 ‘his capacity to make powerful statement …… deeply moving the feelings’ …   
… Wah Kiu Yat Po

 ‘dedicated, impassioned …… shaped with care & feeling’ …   
… New Evening Post

 ‘proficient in picking & choosing music for performance…… being well versed in interpretation …… with excellent effect …… surely the organizer must have broad horizons & views in music’ …   
… Zheng Shuo Sheng

 ‘……It ended up sounding surprisingly good, so full marks to the person who arranged it for guitar ensemble.’ …   
…60moo (YouTube)

  ‘The best of the best for your wonderful activity.’ … 

  ‘Really great, great arranger Mr. Kam.’ … 
…hensang (YouTube)

  ‘….. what a better world we would have if everybody would follow your example! And your aim to promote young guitarist, that I find absolutely priceless! ….. Keep up your great work, I take my hat off for you 🙂 ’ … 
…Ögmundur Thor Johannesson

 ‘Maestro John, ….. the students greatly enjoyed listening to your ensemble’ …   
…Joanne – UPM


 ‘Your ensemble performed impressively ….. Your conducting style was exciting to watch. You displayed a musical chemistry that united your ensemble to play cohesively together in the interpretation of the different styles and characteristics of each piece. The pieces were masterfully arranged to display the guitar techniques. All these combined together created a magical atmosphere which held the audience spellbound! Bravo, Maestro!’ …   
…Siew Chin Hew


 ‘The performance of your ensemble was well balanced and well organized, and all the arrangement was beyond my expectation. I enjoyed every minute of the concert and I am very sure that all our students felt same way.’ …   
…Akihito Fuse – ICOM


Students’ Voices

2011 Mar

  • Student A: Rich knowledge of the instructor.

2010 Nov

  • Student A: The course instructor is very professional; the organization of the course is good.
  • Student B: The course is interesting and practical. It is not common to have similar courses outside.

2010 Jul

  • Student A: In general, all are good.

2010 Mar

  • Student A: May offer more courses for the youth in order to nurture more elites for the next generation.

2009 Jul

  • Student A: It is helpful to the exam.
  • Student B: The passing rate is high for the past students in the open exams. And even some of them have received merit prizes from Britain.
  • Student C: The instructor is very familiar with the course content, listens to the comments from the intuition and reflects the students’ opinions by communicating with the Britain intuition. The tuition fee is reasonable and the instructor teaches in a way that is easily understandable.

2009 Mar

  • Student A: The instructor could provide detail explanations to the contents.

2008 Jun

  • Student A: The instructor has a higher possession of knowledge level than my requirement, and the organization of the course is very systematic.

2008 Mar

  • Student A: The presentation of the instructor is good.
  • Student B: The instructor has a great pedagogy.
  • Student C: The instructor teaches well.

2007 Jun

  • Student A: The instructor teaches well.
  • Student B: The experienced instructor could provide all rounded guidance in all aspects.
  • Student C: The instructor is familiar with the curriculum.
  • Student D: The instructor is responsible and punctual.
  • Student E: The instructor has an in-depth understanding to the course and the field.
  • Student F: The teaching method of the instructor is quite good.

2007 Mar

  • Student A: The instructor is experienced and could provide sufficient information to students.

2006 Jun

  • Student A: The instructions from the instructor are very clear.
  • Student B: The instructor can explain fundamental knowledge that no matter the professionals or those who are interested in this field could understand and benefit from it.
  • Student C: I am very pleased with the instructor and he is very nice.
  • Student D: The instructor teaches in a thoughtful and clear way.
  • Student E: The instructor has a thorough understanding of the course and is able to clear the doubts from the students immediately.
  • Student F: The instructor has rich experience and a very good knowledge of the institute.

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